The best 10 anime series in this year!

No one can deny the fact that the current year 2021 is probably one of the most heavy years in Anime production, billions of dollars were spent from all of different Anime studios around the world, which made a huge evolution in the Anime world.
However, some specific anime series were the most attractive to the audience and Anime fans.
Well, in this article, we’re going to be talking about the top 10 Anime series in this year 2021, according to a personal opinion.

10 – Horimiya

 © CloverWorks Studio | Horimiya

“Horimiya” the story is about Hori, an ordinary teenage girl who has a side that she doesn’t want anyone to discover. There is also her classmate Miyamura, a normal bespectacled boy at school but a completely different person outside. When they meet each other unexpectedly, their relationship gradually gets developed..

9 – Deadly seven sins

Ⓒ Netmarble Copyright | The seven deadly sins

The story is about a group of knights in the region of Britain under the command of the King of Lyons, but they were defeated and scattered after they were supposed to overthrow their kingdom. They have been defeated by the Holy Knights, but there were rumors that they were still alive. Ten years later, the Holy Knights declared a coup and seized the king . Elizabeth, the princess and the king’s third daughter, travels on a journey in order to find the “Seven Deadly Sins” group in order to help them reclaim the kingdom from the Holy Knights.

8 – My Hero Academia

 © Bones Studio | My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya is a middle school student in a world where most of humans had supernatural powers like the heroes of American comic books, and although he didn’t had any supernatural power, he always wanted to be a hero, while his classmates always mocked and bullied him.

7 – Demon Slayer

 © Ufotable Studio Copyright |Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado is a kind-hearted and intelligent boy who lives with his family and makes money by selling coal. Everything changes when his family is killed by demons (Oni). His sister Nezuko is the only survivor of the accident, but has been transformed into a demon. Tanjiro became a demon slayer to help his sister, and avenge the murder of his family.

6 – Jujutsu Kaisen

Ⓒ MAPPA Studio | Jujutsu Kaisen

The story is about Yuji Itadori, a genius boy who hangs out with the school’s paranormal club. One day, Yuji’s life changed after his grandfather died, so he meets Megumi Fushigoro, who tells him that he has some kind of cursed object and power.

5 – Tokyo Revengers

 © Warner Bros. Japan | Tokyo revengers

The story is about a boy named Takemichi Hanagaki who went through a lot during his childhood, due to his lack of self-confidence, bullying from others until he lost his own importance, but he wasn’t always like that, there was a time when he was totally confident. Along with his school mates, he would challenge other boys from another school to a battle or a fight. Takemichi confidently rushes into a fight without being afraid.

He had a girlfriend when he was 14, Hinata Tachibana. For Takemichi, this is all a thing of a the distant past. Currently, he is a 26 year old child, a pawn in the neighborhood gangsters, but everything suddenly changed when he saw something shocking on TV.. Takemichi found that a similar young woman, his young school girlfriend Hinata, has been killed along with her younger brother by the Tokyo Manji Gang.

After hours.. Takemichi was walking in a train station, suddenly he somehow was pushed in front of a train, which made him teleport exactly 12 years into the past to 2005, at the time when he was dating Hinata.

4 – Dr. Stone

Ⓒ HBO max Copyright | Dr. Stone

Senku was a member of a science club, he loved science. He had a friend named Taiju, he kept telling Senku that he is about to confess his love to his girlfriend Yuzuriha.
Taiju met her under a camphor tree at school, when, but when he was about to confess, a bright light appears in the sky, turning every human on earth into stone.

3 – Promised Neverland

Ⓒ CloverWorks Studio | Promised Neverland

The anime is based on the manga series written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Busuka Demizu. It was published by Shueisha and has been published in the weekly Shonen Jump magazine since August 1st, 2016. The first season of this anime was produced by CloverWorks studio and premiered on January 11th, 2019.

This Anime is about a group of orphaned children, who are living together as a family in the orphanage called “Grace Field House” under the care of a young woman named Isabella, whom everyone calls her Mama.

2 – Bleach

Ⓒ Pierrot Studio | Bleach

The story is about a boy, called Kurosaki Ichigo, he was a high school student, but he has the ability to communicate with spirits. One night, a young woman dressed in black introduced herself to him as a “Shinigami” (the god of death) but she was surprised that Ichigo was able to see her, and immediately afterwards she was attacked by a supernatural monster named Hoiko the Hollow.

The Shinigami Rukia Kuchiki tried to pass half of her power to Ichigo Kurosaki so that they can fight the monster together, but he accidentally took all of her powers and was able to defeat the monster. And after that, Ichigo wanted to become a Shinigami.

1 – Attack On Titan

Ⓒ MAPPA Studio | Attack on titan

With Eren and his friends on the coast and the threat of the Marley looming, what’s next for the Survey Corps to discover the giants secrets and more.
Several episodes were shown in 2020, and the series will continue until the 16th episode which going to be the last.

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